How to Wear a 60s Head Scarf

Headscarf has been with women decades ago and even up to now, this is still included in the list of women’s top apparel. There might be several styles to wear fashion head scarf or headband and these have been evident in the fashion world from generation to generation. Despite the dawn of modern fashions and styles, many contemporary women are still looking for the best and most fashionable way on how to wear a 60s head scarf to complete their get up.


Headscarf is a scarf covering the top most head or hair of a woman. This fashion accessory trend can be worn on different purpose such as sanitation and warmth. Some women wear headscarf for social and fashion distinction. Other reasons why women wear headscarves are as follows:

  • For fashion and religious significance.
  • To present a modest way of dressing.
  • To hide baldness or hair problems fashionably.
  • To serve as form of social convention.
  • To maintain religious identity.
  • To accentuate the beauty of women.
  • To achieve conformity to other religious community
  • To improve looks and fashion sense.


There are various reasons why women in 1960s and today’s modern women wear headband scarf. If you are one of those individuals who are willing to explore and experiment the different techniques on how to wear a 60s headscarf, you can allow your imagination and creativity and fashion instinct to reign.


Using a 60s headscarf has still the power to transform you and make you stand out in the crowd despite the availability and usage of modern head accessories and apparels. A 60s headscarf can be the best accessory of your choice and when combined with the best outfit, you will surely look your best.


Helpful Tips and Ideas on How to Wear a 60s Headscarf

Learn to tie and wear a headscarf the fashionable way and you are good to go. There are endless styles that you can consider when you wanted to wear a 60s headscarf. The following tips can help you:


  • If you got long hair, you can wear a 60s headscarf is by doing the traditional turban. First thing you need to do is the square scarf into a triangle shape. Draping the scarf over your head and crossing ends at them back of your neck is the next step. The third step is wrapping the ends all around your head and tying it on the center top. The longer end should be placed on top and the shorter one must be tuck under.
  • You can go nostalgic with classic 60s headscarf by folding the scarf diagonally and tying it under your chin having the mid triangle point on your back. With this style, you can go a little naughty and fashionable at the same time.
  • You can also do a ponytail headscarf wrap and this is a simple way to transform your looks. In order to do this, you need to fold the scarf in a narrow band. Take the narrow band and wrap this twice around the ponytail and finish the style with square knot. For a more fashionable version, you can make big ribbons on the end of the scarf.
  • Tie the headscarf and form a crown over the head. This is also another stylish way to wear a 60s headband. This style is very dressy and you can do this by bringing the end of the scarf over the head’s crown and keep them tight yet comfortable. You need to cross the scarf over and tie it at the back.
  • You can also braid your hair together with your scarf. Start the process as for the buns. Tie both ends underneath the back and grab the middle triangle. Braid the end of the scarf as you would in your hair and use hair elastic or tie the end to keep the braids in place.


These are just few of the many ways on how to wear headscarf be it a 60s headscarf of modern one. You will notice that whether you are going for sophisticated and classy look, sporty or casual appearance, there are various ways on how to tie and wear headscarf that will perfectly match your style.


There are many benefits linked to headscarf usage and these include added warmth during cold seasons and protection against exposure to unwanted elements in the environment. The common benefit is probably the improved and fashionable style. Headscarves remain to be one of the most enduring and stunning fashion accessory that have never lose its style and appeal.


Though many generations of users have worn scarves, the beauty and benefits of wearing these are timeless. It is expected that with the passage of time, wearing headscarf will still occupy a dominant part in the fashion industry.

How to Wear a 60s Head Scarf
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