How to get a 1960s Makeup Look – A 1960’s Makeup Tutorial

Each decade is distinct as to fashion and makeup style. In the 1920s, women love neatly combed short hairs. The hairdo is slightly curled and embellished by feathers, furs, and other hair ornaments. 1920s makeup is typically dark. The vintage 1930s style is more of that blonde curly hair. As to makeup, the emphasis is on the red full lips. For the eyes, very light eye shadows are used.

Meanwhile, 1940s is characterized by hair puffs with curl hairs let loose; makeup is similar as the 30s. In 1950s, short hairs with curled tips are hip. The eyes are bright and light colored, with only a little liner to add some details. The emphasis in the 50s makeup is on the lips which are vibrant and rich in color.

How to get a 1960s Makeup Look – A 1960’s Makeup Tutorial

Makeup and fashion define a generation. In the 1960s, the mod look became popular as feminism reached its prime. To women at that time, the glamorous 1960s makeup manifests women empowerment and liberation. It is in the 1960s when women’s’ rights are better recognized.  The 1960s fashion is far different from the fashion and makeup styles in the earlier decades. The 1960s introduced the mod look. In this era, the glamorous 1960s makeup pays emphasis on the eyes and little less on the other parts of the face. The glamorous 1960s makeup or mod look is best described by using thick eye liners for detailing the lashes. Bright colored eye shadows are used. The colors used range from blue, green, and other pastel colored eye shadows. In achieving a glamorous 1960s makeup here are the things to do:


For the overall makeup, you will need a press powder or foundation for the base. Apply face powder or foundation evenly on the face. Foundations may be oil based or water based. Oil based foundation is better and can sustain steamy atmosphere. As to color, lighter and bronzer foundation is ideal to achieve a glamorous 1960s makeup. Using high quality foundation is essential to keep the makeup long lasting and prevent frequent retouching.


For the cheeks, peach colored or tan powder blush works best. The blusher must be made depending on the size of the face. It must not be used excessively and appear as natural as possible. Using a very light shade of blusher is a mark of the glamorous 1960s makeup. The blusher must not overpower the eyes, so avoid using pink blushers or putting too much of it.


In the decades prior to 1960s, the emphasis is on the lips. This is not the case for a glamorous 19602 makeup. With the mod look, lip color must be natural as possible. Common shades of lipstick used to attain a glamorous 1960s makeup includes pale, nudes, very light pink, light brown, or peach. This will give the lips a more natural look. You can also gloss it over.


The glamorous 1960s makeup is best characterized by how the eyes are embellished. To accomplish a glamorous 1960s makeup for the eyes, you will need a pearly white eye shadow, pastel colored eye shadows, dark colored cream eyeliner which may be black or brown, black mascara, and eyelash curler. To start off, make a base for your eye shadows. Any pastel color, blue or green can be used. The pearly white eye shadow is used to highlight the top and side parts of the eyes. The white eye shadows add a shimmering effect to the eyes, making it look brighter. To accentuate the eyes for a perfect and glamorous 1960s makeup, eyeliners and mascaras are applied heavily. There are now liquid mascaras, which give a dark and heavy lining with just a few strokes.


Modern day 1960s makeup makes use of other pastel shade eye shadows like yellow or light brown. This glamorous 1960s makeup perfectly matches any hairstyle, whether curled, puffy, neat, or lose. At the outset, it is best to invest in high quality makeup set. The life of your glamorous 1960s makeup chiefly depends on the kind of makeup used. Popular brands for this look are Revlon Professionals, Maybelline and Max Factor.


There are many ways to learn how to make a glamorous 1960s makeup. You can do this on your own by investing in quality makeup and by viewing various makeup tutorials online. A great book to learn the basics is Bobbi Brown Everything Eyes. To learn more about classic glamorous 1960s makeup, try viewing the Elizabeth Taylor 50’s/60’s Makeup Tutorial or the video How to get a 1960s Makeup Look- A 5 minute tutorial courtesy of Soho Boutique. They are makeup tutorial 1960s classic makeup videos. For those desiring to have a modern and flirty mod look, the Sexy Modern 1960s Makeup Tutorial and 1960s Flirty Mod Makeup videos are worth the peek.

Photo by Hernan Irastorza

How to get a 1960s Makeup Look – A 1960’s Makeup Tutorial
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