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1960s Fashion Model Twiggy

Posted on May 10, 2013 in Fashion Icons

Twiggy was the most famous face of the 1960s. I love her :) Here are some great article, videos and pictures of the 1960s Fashion Model Twiggy:

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The 5 Most Famous Fashion Icons of the 1960s

Posted on Apr 20, 2013 in Fashion Icons

The 1960s fashion had been on a swing. The four quarters of the decade were characterized by diverse fashion, which range from conservative, to flirt, and to flamboyant ones. Perhaps, it is the diversity which made the mod fashion hip and undying. The recent generations still finds the 1960s fashion, makeup, and hairdo fanciful. As their guide to achieving a 1960s look, here are the 5 most famous fashion icons of the 1960s.


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The 5 Most Famous Fashion Icons of the 1960s 4.40/5 (88.00%) 5 votes

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