Amy Winehouse Hair Tutorial

The Amy Winehouse beehive hairstyle is inspired by the classic beehive hairdo. The beehive hairstyle is a 60’s classic characterized by big hair puff resembling a beehive. Amy Winehouse is a famous artist who influenced the world not only with her music but also by reintroducing the beehive hairdo. The old beehive hairstyle consists of a really big beehive-like puff. The hair sections on the side and front of the crown are neatly pinned. Conversely, the modern beehive hairstyle is smaller and surrounded by ratted hairs in front and on the side. The beehive hairdo is well-loved by women of all ages. They can look classy yet modern. This hairstyle suits any occasion and even for Halloween. It can also suit different fashion styles.

The beehive hairstyle seemed intricate and complex to do. But really, the beehive hairstyle can be done in a couple of minutes. To start off, fix the hair in a ponytail. Take off some sections in the front part of the ponytail to serve as detail. You can choose to neatly pin the sections on the back of the head or let it lose. Others may also opt to fix the sections hair around the beehive.


In making the beehive, curling iron may be used. The curled section is wrapped around the ratted hair. For bigger beehive, more ratted hair must be accumulated. Innovative ways of making the modern beehive includes the use of toilet paper rolls, yarn balls or shower puff to attain the beehive effect instead of ratting the hair. For finishing touches, hairspray may be used to smoothen out surfaces. This classy and chic beehive hairstyle can be best learned by watching Amy Winehouse hair tutorial videos online. Get to learn the whole step-by-step processes in making your own beehive hairstyle by accessing these videos:

Video: Amy Winehouse Beehive Hair Tutorial Part 1/2


Video: Amy Winehouse Beehive Hair Tutorial Part 2/2

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Amy Winehouse Hair Tutorial
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