1960’s Vintage Dresses

During the 1960s, the fashion of people has undergone several experiments in order to have the best look and most stylish approach. The 1960s fashion has contributed a lot to the clothing industry. Numerous fresh fashion trends have been discovered and presented during those times and some have been carried until this present time. There has been an immense baby boom during those times that made some places the homes of teenagers’ influx. The teens of this time adopt new trends and styles in their clothing phases. Most of the modernist youth of the 1960s were found to wear loose dresses that have less figure definition. It was also in this era where the rebel rocker look was created and the prints such as paisley and plaid have been the wardrobe standards. The 1960s generation was known to be a generation which opened for greater possibilities in fashion.


Most of the clothes used by the women of this generation put emphasis on curves, where the silhouette was outlined. The concept of shirt fitting frock that is loose or a shift dress started in this era. These cute and comfortable dresses are designed by the modernists of the time where they are rendered in sequins, fun prints or solid fabric. Most of these shift dresses are considered to be fashionable still as of today. These dresses are recognized to stem from the 1960s mod look.


It was also during this era when the A-line mini dresses became popular. Similar to the shift dresses, the A-line dresses are designed in various patterns, colors, styles and fabrics. Their styles are still observable in this present generation. To gain the 1960s outfit, pair your cute floral dress, A-line dress or shift dress with kitten heels and minimal accessories.


If the previous eras have been of conservative type, the 1960s changed this mindset speedily. Up to this current time, the traditional fashion is still concentrated by the adults who are taking inspiration of the couture houses and high fashion. During the 60s, the taste and preferences of the youth are highly valued within the fashion world. The designers of this era focused on making clothes for the teens and youth was highly celebrated within this period. The clothes for the teens became affordable for everyone and were even distributed to the general public. The fashion, music and television worked harmoniously during this epoch.


The mid-60s has been a space age where lots of new innovations as well as sources of fashion inspirations were made and discovered. These ideas and styles came from the unusual and metallic materials during the time. The Mod movement was also well-known in this epoch. The movement inspired the trendy high fashion designers. The Mod look was introduced with very slim silhouettes that are well-tailored and with clean lines.


The vintage dresses during the 1960s became an inspiration and start of new fashion for the teens, especially the female groups. Those vintage dresses have served as basis and standards of the succeeding fashion styles and was taken up to the present generation.


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1960’s Vintage Dresses
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