1960s Hippie Fashion History

1960s Hippie Fashion history comes with a lot of idea that transforms dress for girls into a new wave of classic ones. But because some people don’t understand the concept that covers the beauty and interesting details of this type of clothing, these people say that this fashion statement is under oxymoron. This is because the idea that completes this fashion is within nonconformist consideration. In accordance, every clothing means self-expression. So whatever you wear, it will always reflect on who you are and not on the latest trending entities and other recognizable factor that will make a particular dress be one the hot spot. As long as you wear properly, it can always impact the world of fashion.


The 1960s Hippie Fashion has a remarkable background that makes fashion more innovative and versatile in every way. Hippies came from the word hipster which is commonly utilized nowadays for its unique and really inviting qualities. Hippies are also considered to be a natural outgrowth under the Beat movement way back from the year of 1050s. As its fashion concept, 1960s Hippie Fashion is exposing an alternative lifestyle with a rebelling blend which is against the community that is in favor for conformist and repressive living. This fashion statement is famous because it shows freedom and a life that must be return to nature.


The clothing under the hippie fashion history is more on loose materials and is made from natural garments just like cotton and hemp. It is necessary for men and women to make their hair long, curly if possible, with a fussy styling accompanied with eschewed products but this fashion do not prevent the use of shampoo or conditioner. Anything that has been produced using handmade items whether it is sewn, woven as macramé or knit are all accommodated by 1960s Hippie Fashion.


Basic looks for 60s hippie clothes are totally amazing since it all comes from the unlimited capability of mind to create different styles that makes a dress more adorable but not too fancy to wear; this is a definite solution in maintaining a personality that you want to expose. The character of yours will never be hidden as long as you personally choose the materials and accessories that will make you comfortable about your 60s hippie clothes. In connection, here are the following details that can expose the 1960s Fashion in line with the existence of Hippies clothing in the world of fashion.


Essentials are one of the best starter stuffs that you have to consider when it comes to 1960s Fashion Hippies. The ladies in 60s used to is totally incomparable to dresses that you are now seeing in the runway. These 1960s Fashion hippies are more explosive since dresses under this category shows the beauty of ladies in relation to their good and really inviting legs. Skirts that are short with the presence of high-cut boots are already patronized within this fashion statement. These dressing are perfect for cool weather, in connection, ladies can also be looked nice while wearing skirts when they decide to use sandals when the heat is on along the road.


Dresses that exist in hippie fashion are mostly short and skimmed for the structure of the body. Sometimes these dresses are long enough to give comfort for ladies who wore this kind of clothing. This fashion also covers loose peasant and also includes granny dresses that is so pleasing to the eye. For your information, peasant dresses are reflecting a renaissance maiden. The appearance of this dress can always be enhanced with flowing ribbons in the hair of the lady or even attached in the clothing itself.


Together with the details that are indicated in this hippie fashion review way back from 1960s are the following patterns that signify the beauty of its dresses. These patterns are commonly used in order to make dress of hippies more amusing to the eye.

  • Tie-dye and Floral are most of the pattern that you can evidently see in this fashion concept.
  • Psychedelic Design is placed in these dresses to expose the spirit of clothing of every dress.
  • Op art is the common way of developing the structure of details implanted in a dress.
  • Paisley is perfect contribution that makes the blending of details on this dress more emphasize.
  • Stripes are commonly seen to dress, but when it is used for hippie fashion, it becomes more lively and gorgeous.


The Flower power that can be generated by 1960s hippie fashion is so beneficial for the transformation of ordinary and classic dress to become more attractive to the eye. With the presence of flower, it can make these dresses aware from an emblematic which is good for hippie movement. There is no more detail that can perfectly describe peace and love aside from the structure of flower, and  by the time that you look forward to use this detail for 1960s hippie fashion, you can easily attained it for it is abundant in the market and from any places. Floral patterns can be so special for the reason that these elements are mostly used for tops and patterns, by means of patches, which is being attached to dress and jeans. 1960s hippie fashion also recommends that you can also use flower as a hair dress. You can also give some credit to your face for a more fashionable poses when you paint it using flower paintings. It is much better to cover any ugly part when it comes to the statement of 1960s hippie fashion, so when it pertains to this style of art, it is good to expose more natural beauty as possible as it may be.


Accessories for 1960s hippie fashion is also patronize until now. As a matter of fact, these elements of this fashion category are mostly used by famous music artists that are always aware on how cool it is to wear accessories that are simple but fascinating to the eye. Beads and bell as pendants for necklace and bracelets that are composed of jangly ankle are most of the accessories that are so perfect to wore when exposing 1960s hippie fashion.

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1960s Hippie Fashion History
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