1960s Glasses Styles

A lot of fashion analysts say that styles go on to recycle. This is the situation with 60s vintage eyewear. A lot of style conscious people in today’s world are taking pleasure in wearing this kind of sunglasses. These take account of octagon shaped, multi-colored frames as well as rimless features that were common in 60s style sunglasses.


Eyeglasses were highly in style in the year 1960s and the styles of frame continue to be a trendy avenue for adding to or enhancing a person’s appearance. From the remarkable and iconic cat eye style frames along with thick frames made of plastic to semi rimless and rimless, the 60s style sunglasses ranged from conservative to wild. 1960s style sunglasses were made common by music stars John Lennon and Buddy Holly.


If you want to stand out from the rest when it comes to eyewear, why not consider wearing 1960s style sunglasses? They come in various designs that will surely enhance your appearance. There are 1960s sunglasses which are sophisticated, bold, wild and even conservative. All you need to do is to find one suitable to your taste and preference.



Cat-eye is one of the most renowned 1960s style fashion sunglasses. Its frames are without a doubt the most outstanding and popular style of 1960s eyewear. Common with girls, this style of 60s sunglasses was fashioned to take off or imitate the upside down shape of cat eyes.  Cat eye sunglasses are made from durable and thick plastic in various colors and the frames are fully surrounded the lens and were curved at the base of the glasses lens and reversed or inverted at the outside top corners. The frames of the cat eye sunglasses over and over again came in untamed colors and with embellishment like rhinestone styles on the arms or overturned corners.


Thick Plastic Frames

This is also one of the mainly iconic 1960s style sunglasses.  Made famed by Hollywood stars such as Buddy Holly, this 1960s style of sunglasses has the whole lens bounded in solid plastic with two arms made of plastic and a set nose piece. The frames were common in square, octagonal and round shape. While the frames were seldom in colorful plastic, black, tortoise and smoke shell plastic are the common ones. The solid plastic frames were common to both sexes in the late 60s.


Semi Rimless

Another fashionable and renowned 1960s style sunglasses is the semi rimless frames. This was first presented in the year 1920a and kept its popularity in the early 60s. This kind of sunglasses from the name itself has no frame on the top and bottom of the glasses lens. Normally, in eyeglasses, the high point of the lenses is held in a plastic frame and at the same time, a chord made of nylon is linked just about the base of every lens in order to assist it into the pinnacle frame. Most of the time, the frame is linked to the base of the lens. These are normally reading glasses design also known as Half-Eyed frames which are intended to sit low on the nose of the wearer. Semi rimless frames are also a very common 1960s style sunglasses.



Even if rimless came into universal use in the 1800s, this type of eyewear enjoyed resurgence in fame in the middle to late 60s. Rimless was frequently worn by flower children and hippies and popularized by admiring the rock band the Beatles, particularly John Lennon. He wore these sunglasses from the point in time the band came to state to the moment he was murdered. This 1960s style sunglasses consists of 2 prescription lenses with 3 surrounding portions, the nose piece and two arms that are normally made of durable metal wire. The two prescription lenses are raised together along with the nose piece and the arms are linked to the exterior of every lens. Aside from to utilizing the 60s style sunglasses to make an exceptional fashion statement, you can utilize these glasses for costume parties and other special gatherings.


If you want to make a unique statement with your eyewear, you can get many various designs and brands of vintage sunglasses over the net. There are lots of dealers online who offer vintage eyewear from the 80s, 70s and even 60s style sunglasses. You can buy this eyewear on a good condition or you can find a prescription eyewear place in any form of frame. This is the best means for you to actually make a unique fashion statement without spending hundreds and thousands of your money. You may even want to have a selection of various vintage sunglasses.


When you want to stand out from the rest when it comes to fashion statement, wearing 1960s style sunglasses is the best option.

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1960s Glasses Styles
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